These 3-ingredient vegan recipes couldn’t be easier to make

Following a vegan diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are five three-ingredient vegan recipes from TikTok that you need to try. 1. Three-ingredient vegan burger patties. Craving a burger? Try making this simple 3-ingredient vegan burger. 2. Three-ingredient vegan watermelon ‘tuna’. This 3-ingredient “tuna” can be added to sushi rolls, rice bowls, or enjoyed on its own. 3. Three-ingredient vegan pumpkin cookies. For an easy vegan dessert with plenty of flavor, try these 3-ingredient pumpkin cookies. 4. Three-ingredient vegan lentils and rice. This 3-ingredient lentil and rice dinner, also called Mujadara, is packed with protein and so delicious. 5. Three-ingredient vegan pancakes. This 3-ingredient vegan pancake recipe is deliciously easy to make

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