Crustless Spinach Quiche Recipe

Thankfully, there’s no need to roll out dough for this crustless quiche. To start, you’ll need some extra-virgin olive oil to sauté your vegetables. Olive oil is ideal, but you can use another vegetable oil too. A sweet onion and shallots add plenty of depth without overpowering the creamy flavors like other alliums might. Shallots are especially adept at introducing subtle notes of garlic and mild sweetness, but if you prefer a more robust onion flavor, you could substitute the same quantity of your favorite onion. The volume of fresh spinach might seem excessive, but as it cooks and wilts, it decreases significantly. If you use frozen spinach, be sure to squeeze out the excess moisture. Bachtell-Shelbert suggests experimenting with other seasonal garden vegetables, telling us, “Really any in-season garden vegetables would be fantastic! Kale, peppers, sweet potatoes! Anything really.”

You’ll need large eggs since they work best for the liquid ratio. If you can buy farm eggs or free run, the vibrancy of the yolks really stands out. A small amount of half-and-half or heavy cream keeps the texture dense, especially since there’s no crust to hold the custard together. A pinch of salt is always essential to bring out the natural flavors in the ingredients. Finally, a healthy dose of shredded cheddar cheese turns this recipe from a plate of eggs into a luxurious and satisfying dish, perfect for any time of the day. Feel free to choose Gruyère if you want a sharper flavor.

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