Cook book shows how to eat like an Arlington County firefighter

Check out the Turkey Zucchini Boats and the Piri Piri Chicken. And learn how firefighters shop for groceries on a budget.

ARLINGTON, Va. — Turns out, firefighters do not live by chili alone.

Think: Honey soy salmon, chocolate cherry smoothies and guacamole potato salad. Those are just a few of the recipes you’ll find in a new cookbook posted online by the Arlington County Fire Department. Recipes fit for a firehouse, and your own family.

The guide focuses on dishes that are healthy, but also satisfying. After all, we are talking about firefighters.

Several members of the fire department contributed their own favorite recipes. And the dishes have been vetted by the department’s own nutrition specialists.

You won’t find any calorie counts. You will find dishes that rely heavily on whole foods and minimally-processed ingredients. The cookbook includes tips on developing and maintaining healthy eating habits (eat from smaller plates). An easy guide to portion sizes (a golf ball equals 2 tablespoons, a baseball equals 1 cup). And how to shop on a budget (those less expensive frozen vegetables can be more nutritious than the fresh variety).

How do you read a food label? The firefighters have you covered. What staples should you keep in the pantry? It’s all in there.

The cookbook is loaded with dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. From breakfast frittatas to shakes and smoothies to side dishes and main entrees. Some recipes make 1 serving. Others will feed a firehouse. But they can all be scaled to suit your needs.

The guide also offers healthy recommendations to consider in place of soda, chips and candy bars.

Here are just a few of the dishes:

Dutch apple pie bars Egg & spinach on avocado toast Sea salt & vinegar zucchini chips Creamy chicken tomato skillet Spinach-orzo salad with shrimp

Don’t worry, the firefighters have not forgotten the firehouse chili recipes. You’ll find a hearty variety called summer pork chili.

If you’re ready to dig in, you can find the online guide here.

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